10 Ways to Support the First Amendment

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Express yourself
Express yourself

Top 10 Ways to Support the First Amendment

  1. Learn what it says. Only one American in 25 can name the five freedoms of the First Amendment: freedom of religion, speech and press, and the rights of petition and assembly.
  2. Take a stand. “Sign” the First Amendment and join the “1 for All” campaign.
  3. Tweet for freedom. Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about the importance of the First Amendment.
  4. For educators, incorporate the First Amendment into your school curriculum. Lesson plans for grades K-12 explain the origins of the five freedoms and how those freedoms operate in today’s world.
  5. Express yourself. Be engaged in the world around you; let others know how you feel.
  6. Stay informed. Free speech is even better when we know what we’re talking about. Read. Learn. Share.
  7. Support your local library. Gain free admission to the marketplace of ideas.
  8. Hold public officials accountable. Ask where they stand on the First Amendment and the free flow of information.
  9. Stand up for others. We all love our own freedom of speech, but it’s important to support the rights of others to express their own opinions.
  10. Talk about it. Discuss freedom of faith in your place of worship. Explore First Amendment-themed books in your book club.

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