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Friends of 1 for All:

Thank you for your commitment to helping build a greater understanding and support of our First Amendment freedoms. The early response to the campaign has been extraordinary, with hundreds of organizations signing up in just the first month. You’ll find a current list of Friends of 1 for All at http://1forall.us/friends/.

Here’s a brief guide to participating in the campaign:

  • Ad campaign: We’re asking that all of our friends either publish 1 for All ads or provide links whenever you have some space available. You certainly don’t need to lock into any publishing schedule, but we do ask that you keep track of the ads you run and occasionally report back to us at 1forall@newseum.org with an ad total and approximate retail value. The latter will give us more leverage as we reach out to celebrities to participate in the campaign.
  • Please spread the word: We deeply appreciate your support for 1 for All, and encourage you to blog or write columns about your organization’s participation. Your readers, viewers, customers and associates would benefit from hearing firsthand why you are a proud supporter of the First Amendment. Independence Day offers a great hook for editorial pages: “Celebrate the 1st on the 4th.” We’d love to see copies of anything you write.
  • Duration: Some have asked when the campaign will end. Actually, the goal is to maintain 1 for All for the long run. Building understanding of the First Amendment will take time. The “Got Milk?” campaign is now 17 years old, and “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” goes back to 1944. We’ll provide fresh, creative ads every couple of months and hope that you can continue to provide support in your own way and on your own schedule.
  • Contacts: We do want to keep you updated on the progress of the campaign, so it would be helpful to have a contact name and e-mail address for each partner or organization. In the case of a larger media company, this can be a single contact, or we can simply reach out to each individual property. Again, please let us know at 1forall@newseum.org.
  • Customize: While we’re trying to provide a wide range of ads both in print and online, you should feel free to adapt our ads and our art elements to fit your format. We also invite news organizations to substitute a photo of one of your reporters in the “Free to Report” ad.

That’s it. We’ve tried to keep this process as simple as possible. Please let us know how we can be of help.

Ken Paulson
President, the Newseum and First Amendment Center

Print and Web Ads

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